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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

FindTheCure for freshface and ahome

This is a special theme Brent Fishman over at asked for a favor,he asked if I could make a theme that could help fund the fight against breast cancer.Naturally I jumped at the opportunity and only wished I had done it sooner.This theme will in no way raise one dime for me all funds generated by this theme after google's cut (.30 cents from each .99 cent sale,so .69 cents from every theme sold) will be donated to the Komen for the cure foundation.I will post here weekly how much this theme has raised for the week and screenshots of your donations sent to Komen for the cure.

Custom Themes.

I often get asked if I do custom themes,I do and the cost is very cheap I just ask that you buy any of my other themes (excluding donation themes coming very soon) as a payment.I have done many and always like seeing peoples ideas.If you want your wedding,birthday,graduation,pets you like whatever it is made into a theme for your phone that will last as long as the phone(s) please dont hesitate to get a hold of me.I will add to or change the theme as much as you like at any time.Usually it takes me two days to complete depending on when you get me the images you want used if using your own images.Dont worry pretty much nothing you send will offend me (within reason if you send me something awful I will turn it over to the police.) You could also just tell me your idea you want to see made into a theme and I will put something together for you.Whatever your vision know I wont stop with your project until you are fully satisfied.I will also never make any custom theme I do available to anyone but the person it was made for under any circumstance whatsoever,I may however use screenshots to promote my custom themes.Thanks to everyone that has been supporting me I look forward to continuing to work with all of you.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Get a free theme

I am providing with some themes for the time being there will be weekly drawings in which members will get the chance to receive any of my Marketplace themes with updates for a year.Join for your chance to the ONLY forum that rewards you for being a member.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Alcohol skin for freshface and ahome

ahome version

Freshface Version

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Legalize it update for Freshface,ahome and openhome

Freshface ahome version

Openhome version

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Thanks to my supporters

As a thank you to my supporters for the next month (Aug 24th-Sept 24th) if you buy or have bought any three of my themes without refunding,I will give you your choice of any theme on the market (no equal or lesser value stuff any themes $.99 or $1.33 it doesn't matter) or a custom theme made special for you just to say thanks.Email me at to claim.Thanks again to everyone supporting me and my themes.

Pirate Skin for Freshface and ahome.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hearts for freshface and ahome

Guns update for freshface and ahome

If this update is not liked please email me but I am pretty sure most will like the update.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A little about me.

I am 27 years old married with 3 kids,3 dogs,3 cats,a few snakes and lizards.A crotalus is the scientific surname of most rattlesnake species just in case you were wondering.I am a huge reptile freak but also have a passion for anything Android since getting my G1 back in January.I had no experience with linux anything before then and in these few months, it (along with great android based forums) has taught me so much I just cant believe it.You are probably here directed from one of my themes on the market, (thanks for your interest!) all the themes I have on there have screen-shots which are posted here.

I do have a charge for most of the themes I have up on the market.The reason for that is simple this is my job and my art,I taught myself how to do something from my home which actually has a chance of making a normal wage.I am not a corporate fat cat or some big development company I am just your typical 27 year old husband and father trying to do what I can to help secure the future of my family.I dont see .99 cents or $1.33 as being to much to ask for some of my themes...(for the people who dont like developers charging for their work think about it like this...Are you gonna stop at a little roadside vendor that sells her/his stained glass artwork and ask her/him to give you even the smallest piece of their work free??)I have and will continue to put out free themes I will try for at least one a week.

I am always willing to listen or help with more than just my themes,if you are having trouble trying to root your phone or just figuring out certain features please always feel free to email me at so much to everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed any of my themes,you people are one of the reasons Android is THE BEST mobile platform available!

Hot Pink for Freshface,ahome and Openhome

Openhome version with large clock^

Here is a screenshot of the fixed icons for the freshface/ahome version the reason they were blurry was making them into circles screwed up the aspect ratio sorry about that.


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